Rock History

  1. The Evolution of the Vampire Genre

    The Evolution of the Vampire Genre
    Whether you embrace the association or scorn it, the goth scene will inevitably always go hand in hand with the vampire genre. Elegant, beautiful and graceful whilst remaining forever dangerous, it’s not hard to see why the vampire genre has remained as eternal as its subject matter. Though there’s far more to the alternative community than Whitby Goth Weekend, that’s...
  2. A Brief History of Goth

    A Brief History of Goth
    Goth vs Gothic If you’ve ever been called a goth, then you’ve been called gothic. But historically speaking, these things aren’t one and the same. A quick Google of the word ‘gothic’ will tell you it’s a style of architecture, sculpture or painting dated between the 12th and 16th centuries, but that’s not what we mean by it when we...

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