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Akumu Ink has been around since 2008, having been launched by two business partners as a T-shirt company in Montreal, Canada. In 2014, the company made the risky jump to the big time by relocating to the US. They subsequently chose Los Angeles as the home base for producing their line of clothing inspired by the company motto, ‘Wear it to Death!’ Original owners Aldora (MBA) and Joey (Artist) still run Akumu Ink today – all by themselves.

All of the items produced by Akumu Ink centre on a single theme: nightmares. While their clothing is certainly stylish and hip, it all comes adorned with artwork incorporating skeletons, bones, blood, and other such elements. Akumu Ink has found a way to combine the dark world of nightmares with that of modern fashion.

You may already be familiar with Akumu Ink's work if you are a fan of comedian Joe Rogan, actress and pro wrestler AJ Lee, or comedian/actor Brian 'Q' Quinn. Celebrities seem to love the company's whimsical but haunting look at nightmares incorporated into their T-shirts, hoodies, and other products.

The Rock Collection is proud to offer a selection of items from Akumu Ink. We carry T-shirts and tank tops for men and women. We also offer several Akumu Ink hats as well as their very popular backpacks. If you've always wanted to wear your nightmares on your sleeve, so to speak, we believe you will find the Akumu Ink selection at the Rock Collection to be just what you're looking for. And remember: whatever you buy from Akumu Ink, Wear it to Death!