Few names are as recognisable in Gothic fashion has Alchemy. Originally established in 1977, the company was formed by Manchester designers Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson. Today their 'Alchemy England 1977' brand is known the world over as the standard in Gothic fashion. Their reputation has been boosted by tremendous sales both in the UK and the United States. Alchemy established their US distribution centre in Texas in 1991.

Alchemy's various collections of jewellery, accessories, clothing, giftware, and décor is all about exploring the Goth lifestyle. They make heavy use of metals and intricate artwork in almost every piece they make.

Perhaps the company's biggest coup was the establishment of Alchemy Licensing in 2002. One of the results of the licensing strategy is the incorporation of the Alchemy brand into a number of well-known video game accessories. If you are a gamer who enjoys role-playing fantasy games with Gothic undertones, you may regularly see Alchemy artwork without even knowing it.

Alchemy is a very popular brand here at the Rock Collection and we stock a wide range of the Alchemy catalogue which includes everything from rings and bracelets to necklaces.