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When Bullet 69 says they are a truly unique company, they are not lying. Since their founding in 1990, they have been the only UK-based company to specialise in producing studded, pyramid, conical, and spiked leather belts, bracelets, wristbands, and neck bands. Their amazing gear is incredibly popular among fans of Punk, Emo, Fetish, and Goth styles.

The company was founded in response to a noticeable need within a terribly underserved niche market. Bullet 69 started out small, supplying leather belts and other products to goths and punk rockers. But once word got out, their business quickly grew large and fast enough to prompt them to go into the wholesale business. Bullet 69 now sells their products through outlets all over the world, as well as online.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Bullet 69 is that they are one of the most prolific international companies that no one knows about. Their products sell themselves, so there is no need for aggressive marketing of any kind. If you have been to any kind of music event where you have seen an ample supply of leather and studs, you have likely seen lots of Bullet 69 pieces on display.

Our Bullet 69 collection is a hand-chosen selection that addresses the needs and preferences of our customers. The Rock Collection offers you Bullet 69 belts, wristbands, neck bands, wallets, chokers, key chains, and even accessory studs that you can add to your own leather pieces.