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Words cannot truly express just what Cheeky Baldrick does. What began as a company making cheeky and kitschy seat cushions and socks has turned into a wholesale enterprise with its very own cult following. The company utilises a revolutionary 3D printing process to reproduce stunningly realistic images that will have you second-guessing your sense of reality. They print the images directly onto the fabric they use to make their products.

Cheeky Baldrick purposely goes where other companies dare not tread. For example, their Faux Real clothing is unlike anything else you have ever seen. The printed images are so realistic. Some of the designs are especially risqué so as to be purposely provocative.

While the T-shirts sell very well, what made Cheeky Baldrick famous are its seat cushions and socks. They have created a stunningly realistic food cushions that will make your mouth water at first glance. Set it side-by-side with the other food cushions from their range and you can have a complete meal as  your home decor. All you need is a drink to go with it! As for their socks, they offer a variety of creative designs that are sure to make you smile!

The Rock Collection carries a range of Cheeky Baldrick cushions. We also offer the company's popular socks. If you are looking for something truly different for your home, we recommend Cheeky Baldrick. They certainly live up to their cheeky name!