Criminal Damage


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Choosing Criminal Damage means you are always on the cutting edge of fashion trends in street wear. Criminal Damage is a London-based fashion label that was established in 1991. The company was founded on the principle that street fashion can be trendy without giving up comfort and durability. After 14 years of designing and producing exciting lines of clothing for both men and women, Criminal Damage now finds itself an international brand with operations all over the world. Their biggest sales can be found in the UK and the US.

Where some clothing designers focus on a particular theme, such as Gothic or vintage 1950s, the Criminal Damage philosophy is one of staying current with the latest trends. If there is a new fashion in town, they either helped to start it or got on board as an early adopter.

Some of the company's most popular items are skinny jeans and brightly coloured goodies. But they also embrace sports themes, Gothic fashion, and even the macabre side of apparel from time to time. And of course, pop culture plays a big part in their design choices. One look at their Minions T-shirt provides ample evidence of that.

Criminal Damage offers a full range of street wear from trousers and T-shirts for men to shirts, dresses and jackets for women. For us at The Rock Collection, we focus our Criminal Damage selection mainly on the styles you want.