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Once you've seen a piece of artwork by D Vicente, you will remember it forever. Having it on your T-shirt is even better because it lets you make the statement that you share the same passion as Vicente himself. But be warned: Vicente's artwork is as irreverent as it is passionate. It is in-your-face to its core. Vicente turns upside down our usual perceptions of everything from sex to violence. Through it all is displayed his passion for enjoying life to its fullest.

D Vicente really is something quite different. The T-shirt line is actually not a label in the truest sense of the word. Rather, it is a collection of T-shirts made by various manufacturers featuring the exceptional work of legendary artist D Vicente. Adapting his work to alternative apparel has created a unique look our customers love. You can find D Vicente's designs on T-shirts sold all over the world.

David Vicente was born sometime in the late 50s or 60s ... no one really knows. Somewhere in his lifetime he developed an insatiable passion for rock 'n roll, Harley-Davidson, and travelling the open roads of California and Arizona. His artwork is inspired by all those things embodied in the 1950s and 60s rock scene, including the infamous 'sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll' philosophy.

At The Rock Collection we stock various different designs of both long and short sleeve D Vincente T-shirts. We invite you to look at our D Vicente collection. See for yourself what has made this legendary artist so well loved in the alternative art and clothing community.