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Darkside is one of Europe's oldest and longest-running designers and makers of alternative clothing, apparel, and accessories. The company was established in Birmingham in 1977. After more than 37 years in the business, their brand remains as strong as ever. Darkside is available in alternative clothing boutiques the world over.

As an alternative designer, one would expect Darkside to excel in areas such as Goth and Emo – which they do – but they also embrace the latest pop-culture as well. For example, one of their T-shirt designs combines the popular 'keep calm' theme with the current zombie craze sweeping across Europe and North America. Everything comes together in a very attractive 'Keep Calm and Kill Zombies' T-shirt complete with bloody hand prints and a royal crown.

Darkside has remained relevant over the last three decades by having a unique talent to spot consumer trends early on. In some cases, they have even helped to create trends from scratch. Like a few other companies, Darkside is always on the cutting edge of what is cool. They are a favourite alternative brand for the coveted 25-35 demographic in Europe.

The Darkside product line focuses mainly on street wear items such as jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, vests, and crop tops. But the company also offers an excellent selection of footwear, accessories for adults, and kids clothes including bibs, socks, T-shirts and hoodies. The Rock Collection offers more than two dozen items for kids and adults alike, so we are sure you’ll find something you love.