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The Faux Real line of alternative clothing comes from the same people who bring you the Cheeky Baldrick line of seat cushions and socks. Both Faux Real and Cheeky Baldrick are turning the fashion world upside down with their incredible 3D printing process.

A Faux Real T-shirt is an attention-grabber from the moment you put it on. The wizards over at Faux Real have discovered a way to transfer life-size, 3D images to T-shirts in a way that disturbs your sense of perception. The first time you see someone wearing a Faux Real, you have no idea it's not real. It is not until you step back and take a second look that you see the person is really wearing a T-shirt.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Faux Real is their choice of images. Indeed, that slender blonde who appears to be wearing a form-fitting bikini is actually clothed in a Faux Real T-shirt. So is her handsome man who, at first glance, seems to be wearing a suit and tie. You can join the party yourself by choosing your favourite Faux Real design that will fool your friends and family.

You will find a wide selection from Faux Real at The Rock Collection. These T-shirts are perfect for music festivals, clubbing, wearing to the beach or just hanging with friends.