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Alternative street wear is usually associated with the dark side of life. But not at Goodie Two Sleeves. The 13-year-old company behind the label set out in 2002 to do something different with funny T-shirt designs. They determined early on not to rely on off-colour language, suggestive images, or violence to create apparel customers would love. Instead, they focused on being funny while keeping it clean.

Goodie Two Sleeves was founded by two teenage friends who were astounded at the amount of vulgarity they observed in the fashion world. So they set out to create their own clean fashions, which they sold out of the back of a car. They now like to say they have grown large enough to sell a lot more out of the back of a newer, much nicer car. In truth, Goodie Two Sleeves is now an international label being sold all over the world.

What made Goodie Two Sleeves famous is what continues to define their brand today. Much of what they produce centres on their dinosaur mascots, although they use other artwork as well. The company makes funny T-shirts, tank tops, V-necks, T-shirts and onesies for kids, and a full collection of speciality items including tote bags, air fresheners, stickers, wristbands, and lanyards.

Take a look at what Goodie Two Sleeves has to offer. You really can have fun with your T-shirt without being crass or crude!