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Like so many other great labels carried by the Rock Collection, Hearts & Roses got its start in London's famed Camden market. The fashion scene at Camden inspired the young company's new designers to create the alternative clothing and accessories loyal fans still love today. And as the label suggests, everything from Hearts & Roses is designed to make the wearer feel good.

Hearts & Roses is known for their vintage rockabilly-style and goth clothing that is both fashionable and easy on the modern lifestyle. They have created a very popular Vintage Vixen line for customers who are not afraid to be a bit daring and provocative without being ostentatious. Hearts & Roses is all about making you feel good about yourself and the way you look.

Beyond their London design and manufacturing centre, Hearts & Roses takes an active role when it comes to their suppliers. In fact, they do not work with any suppliers with which they do not have direct control over the products purchased from them. Take their fabrics for example. Each of the fabrics they use is the result of a labour-intensive process that takes 25 working days to complete. They accept nothing but the best from suppliers who create quality materials and treat their employees with the utmost dignity and respect.

Hearts & Roses concentrates most of their design on the ladies. They create beautiful dresses, corsets, skirts, coats, petticoats, and tops. At The Rock Collection we feature an impressive selection of some of Hearts & Roses' most popular dresses and jackets. We’re sure you'll love Hearts & Roses!