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Every woman knows that sometimes you just need the right hosiery to complete the look you are after. Whether you're wearing a miniskirt, a 50s retro dress, or your fave goth look or steam punk outfit, the right hosiery can transform an otherwise uninteresting ensemble into something exquisite.

The Rock Collection has you covered, so to speak, with dozens of items in our hosiery collection. Our collection includes over knee socks, thigh highs, tights and fishnets. We even have a number of special selections for the vixen in you. It's all about the legs in our Hosiery department.

Have you ever tried spandex tights? Spandex is an excellent material for hosiery because it is durable and warm, yet still provides a great canvas for all sorts of colours and prints. Our variety of spandex products on offer range from the cute to the daring. If spandex is not your choice, perhaps our selection of over knee socks is more to your liking.

Over knee socks offer you the perfect combination of comfort, warmth, and protection on those cold winter days. They can be worn under your favourite pair of jeans or trousers, or peeking out from beneath your dress or skirt. Our variety of colour choices means there is an over knee sock to match every outfit you own.

The Rock Collection is proud to feature a full line of hosiery that meets the unique needs of our customers. You can purchase selections from our hosiery collection that match your existing wardrobe, or to complement your additional clothing purchases here on our website. Either way, we have all of the hosiery you need.