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  • Iron Fist Stink Eye Relaxed T-shirt


    You won’t be able to take your eye off of this Iron Fist Stink Eye Relaxed T-shirt! Hundreds of bloodshot, dripping eyes cover this black t-shirt and create an incredi...


    Regular Price: £27.99

    Special Price £14.00

  • Iron Fist Dead Buds T-Shirt


    This Iron Fist Dead Buds T-Shirt is incredibly stylish and looks fantastic! This great t-shirt features a large green skull design with marijuana style bud detailing i...


    Regular Price: £21.99

    Special Price £12.00

  • Iron Fist Navy Winston Shoes


    An eye catching colour contrast on the fantastic Winston shoe. Official Iron Fist and a great addition to the wardrobe.


    Regular Price: £43.99

    Special Price £14.99

How to describe Iron Fist? We could call them edgy and bold. We could say that their fashions are on the cutting edge of alternative streetwear. We could even describe the brand as being perfect for people who want to create a unique fashion statement that speaks to their sense of who they are. But all of these clichés, while true, do not do this company justice. So we will let them speak for themselves:

“Iron Fist Clothing.... is hot pink, moonlight skinny-dips, wild in the streets, Motörhead jams on the way to the rave...”

This very short and partial description, provided by the company itself, makes it clear that Iron Fist is anything but status quo. As a fashion label based in Los Angeles, the company's designers and directors go out of their way to be purposely different. They make it a point to not to be a company that can be easily pigeon-holed as offering just one distinct style. They do whatever seems natural at the time – knowing all the while that their fans will love the results.

With all that said, Iron Fist is not afraid to visit the darker parts of life. You'll find plenty of skulls and skeletons to complete your look. Yet Iron Fist is also not afraid to be funny and whimsical either. Saturday morning cartoons featured in the US are a big part of what this company creates.

At The Rock Collection our Iron Fist collection consists mostly of T-shirts and tank tops for men and women. But we do offer several different pairs of shoes and an Iron Fist classic: the Zombie Chopper backpack. We invite you to browse the entire Iron Fist selection, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.