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East London is the home of Jawbreaker clothing, an alternative label that seeks to combine a variety of alternative styles into a complete catalogue suitable for any alternative fashion guru. The company's signature is the original graphic designs featured on most of their pieces. Jawbreaker has a way of combining the dark with the comical to create a unique look that is part gothic Victorian, part classic punk, and part modern steampunk.

Jawbreaker does not view fashion as a separate entity by itself. Rather, it is an extension of an individual's personality in multiple ways. As such, the company describes itself as a creator of unique alternative clothing for people who love to express themselves through their music, their clothing, and their individual lifestyles.

Jawbreaker designs and manufactures clothing and accessories for both men and women. Their women's line is the larger of the two, including everything from dresses to corsets to tops. They even offer a complete line of onesies for the ladies. As for the men, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, hoodies, coats and jackets complete their inventory. Both men and women can complete their looks with one of Jawbreaker's accessory bags.

We invite you to shop for Jawbreaker here at the Rock Collection. Our ladies items include a modest selection of dresses, skirts, and tops. Or perhaps you need a rugged but stylish work shirt for your man or one of the company's amazing messenger bags. At any rate, you'll find high-quality Jawbreaker items at great prices here at the Rock Collection. We make it easy for you to express your goth or punk inner self.