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Results (13)

  • Killstar Ra Skater Dress


    Scoop necked and super soft, this Ra Skater Dress from Killstar is incredible. A fitted and flattering cut is complimented perfectly by the stunning Luxe Gold Foil Pat...

  • Killstar Thelema Fishnet Dress


    Another stunning design from Killstar, this Thelema Fishnet Dress looks amazing. Made of 100% super soft polyester, this dress is comfortable and has an eye catching p...

  • Killstar Vulture Unisex T-Shirt


    Vulture - Ancient prey of the mind. Classic fit unisex Tee with extra length. Features bound crew neck with Killstar branding. 100% super-soft cotton.

  • Killstar Sabbath Spine Vest


    Killstar have done it again, they've given us an awesome top that's purrrrfect for everyday wear but still looks awesome for nights out. This Sabbath Spine vest is not...

  • Killstar McGoth Tank


    McGoth. Unhappy meal is my life. Relaxed fit tank in a durable & super smooth cotton jersey. Features high quality print with Killstar branding.

  • Killstar Pizzagram Tank


    We love pizza, you love pizza, EVERYBODY loves pizza!!! If you agree with this statement - you need this super-relaxed fit unisex Killstar Pizzagram Tank in your life....


    Regular Price: £22.99

    Special Price £12.50

  • Killstar Club 27 T-shirt


    They say legends never die, this t-shirt says otherwise. A fantastic homage from Killstar to the Club 27 members, this t-shirt features a bold club print on the front ...

  • Killstar Rune Tunic Dress


    Bold, black and beautiful, this dress looks incredible. A fantastic alternative take on the 'little black dress' , this Rune Tunic Dress from Killstar is a must have a...

  • Killstar Witchy & Bitchy Skater Dress


    Well we may as well be honest about it.. Witchy & Bitchy! We should probably have put proud on there too. This Skater Dress from Killstar is fantastic. A rounded neckl...

  • Killstar So Goth T-Shirt


    Life is wasted on the living. Live like you're going to die because you are! Classic fit crew neck Tee with extra length, made from a super-soft cotton with Killstar b...

  • Killstar Vulture Hood Dress


    Cutting edge and utterly awesome, this Vulture Dress from Killstar is incredible. Featuring long sleeves and an oversized hood, this dress is fitted, flattering and a ...

  • Killstar Bony Skater Dress


    Beautiful and Bony, this Skater Dress from Killstar is downright awesome. Featuring a fitted cut, scooped neckline and an all over print of white bones, which quite fr...

  • Killstar Club 27 Sweatshirt


    Brian Jones, Janice Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse. What do they all have in common apart from taking a shedload of drugs? That's right...


    Regular Price: £36.99

    Special Price £19.99

Warning: Killstar is not for the faint of heart. Established in 2010 in the UK, this company is committed to designing and producing a line of alternative clothing that combines a twist of the dark with raw energy and emotion. Their clothing is not the kind of clothing one would wear to a black tie event in London's West End.

As a relatively young company in the world of alternative fashion, Killstar has made its mark through its graphic designs. To say the label gives a nod to the darker side of life is an understatement. It is all about the dark side. Their styles offer plenty of occult images including references to the Ouija board, pagan religions of times past, and familiar symbols of magic including the black cat. And, of course, there is no shortage of skulls and bones in their designs.

The clothing produced by Killstar is intended to be streetwear for everyday use. They create T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, trousers, jackets, vests, and a lot more for both men and women. In fact, they have one of the largest selections of alternative clothing on the market. But Killstar does not stop there. Their accessory line includes things such as bags, jewellery, patches, and cases for all the most popular smartphones.

The Rock Collection currently has more than two dozen Killstar items in our inventory. Killstar Tunic tops and T-shirts are among the best sellers. We offer both men and women's sizes ranging from XS to XXL, and prices that easily fit into your budget. Killstar is a fashion label that is perfect at any time of year. If you are the kind of person looking for fashions that speak to the dark and raw side of life, choose Killstar.