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Complete your alternative style by making your hair as rock and roll as your dress sense! La Riché hair colours are bright and bold, and best of all, affordable.

The owners of La Riché Hair Cosmetics founded the company in 1981. As a UK producer of the Directions and Tattsplat hair cosmetics brands, La Riché has but one mission: to provide the hair products their customers need to complete their alternative looks.

The Directions brand is the more well known of the two produced by La Riché Ltd. The brand has been built on the company's best-selling product to date: Directions semi-permanent hair colour. This product makes it possible for customers to choose a variety of different colours that only hang around for a short amount of time - ideal for those who want to change their hair colour as frequently as possible.

In addition to their semi-permanent hair dye, La Riché produces a number of additional hair cosmetic products including colour protecting shampoo, bleach kits, pre-dying shampoo and conditioner, lip balm, and complete colouring kits. As for the colour choices themselves, there is no shortage at all. La Riché offers more than 30 different shades covering a full range from bright yellow to spring green to a deep poppy red.

Once you finish shopping the Rock Collection for your new alternative apparel and accessories, we invite you to return to the La Riché page in order to get the hair cosmetics you need to complete your package. When you do your hair right, it becomes the crowning achievement of an exciting fashion statement that truly defines who you are as a person.