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Results (14)

  • Surgeon Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Evil Surgeon Morphsuit is utterly terrifying and looks awesome! If you weren't scared of the doctor before, you definitely will be now! This creepy sur...

  • Plain Morphsuits


    This Morphsuits original Morphsuit is a fantastic item that’s perfect for a wide range of events! This red morphsuit is of a fantastic original block colour design ...

  • Werewolf Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Werewolf Morphsuit is guaranteed to bring out the monster in you! This werewolf Morphsuit looks awesome and is perfect for prowling around and terroris...

  • Morphmasks


    This Morphsuits Morphmask is perfect for getting that morphsuit look without the entire body suit! This quirky mummy Morphmask is great for giving a skin tight look t...

  • Splash Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Splash Morphsuit is undeniably awesome! This fantastic splash morph suit is perfect for any party and is easy to see and drink through, making it an ab...

  • Mummy Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Mummy Morphsuit is the ultimate in fancy dress attire! Are you tired of wrapping yourself in toilet roll every Halloween? Then this mummy morphsuit is...

  • Spartan Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Spartan Morphsuit is the perfect way to release your inner warrior! Impress all of the women with your warrior muscles in this awesome Spartan morph su...

  • Digital Dudz Beating Heart Zombie Shirt


    This Digital Dudz Beating Heart Zombie Shirt is perfect for Halloween or anyone that loves zombies! This design is one of many interactive and absolutely awesome shirt...

  • Bullethole Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Bullet Morphsuit is incredibly eye catching and instantly noticeable! This awesome morph suit features an eye catching bullet hole design that's great ...

  • Blue Tux Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Blue Tux Morphsuit is an absolute must have! This awesome blue tux morph suit is extremely vibrant and is guaranteed to get you noticed everywhere you go!

  • The Zombie Morphsuit


    Your brains won't be safe from anyone in this Zombie Morphsuit! This zombie is super hungry and incredibly scary, making this suit a must have for Halloween!

  • Muscle Morphsuit


    This Morphsuits Muscle Morphsuit is a must have fancy dress item! Show off your well-toned muscles in this awesome muscle morph suit! Your skin it peeled away to revea...

  • Morphsuit Augmented Reality Vampire Costume


    This Augmented Realistic Vampire Costume from Morphsuits is a must have for Halloween! This is no run of the mill vampire costume, unlike others this features an app t...

  • Digital Dudz Freaky Clown Eyes Shirt


    This Digital Dudz Freaky Clown Eyes Shirt is utterly terrifying and not for the feint hearted! This design is one of many interactive and absolutely awesome shirts ...


What is Morphsuits? It might be easier to start with what the company is not. Morphsuits is not a designer or manufacturer of alternative streetwear you are likely to find in London's fashion district. It is also not a company that creates formal wear or casual clothing for kids. Rather, Morphsuits is all about costuming. In fact, they take costumes to unprecedented levels.

Morphsuits is the brainchild of two university mates who have loved costuming since their childhoods. They found they were continually disappointed as adults when they could not find high-quality costumes for parties, so they ended up making their own more often than not. Then, while attending a party in 2009, the duo was fortunate enough to be able to work on what would become the very first Morphsuit for a friend. From that experience, their company was born.

Morphsuits made their mark in the costuming world by creating skin-tight bodysuits that would allow the wearer to see the entire world around him without allowing him or herself – any inch of him/herself – to be seen. The company's flagship product included blue and green bodysuits that now frequently show up at sporting events. From there the inventory has been gradually expanding over the last six years. Morphsuits now employs some 30 team members responsible for creating dozens of impressive costumes for adults and children.

Our Morphsuits inventory begins with the plain suits that put the company on the map. They come in seven different colour options including the very popular green, red, and blue. Alongside the plain suits is a selection of additional bodysuits that include everything from a blue tuxedo look to a surprisingly realistic display of the human musculoskeletal system. Curious? Good. Now you have to see these suits in person to fully appreciate them.