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Results (23)

  • Stargazer Mascara


    This Stargazer Mascara is great for ensuring that your lashes look long full and absolutely stunning! This turquoise mascara creates a fantastic long lasting colour t...

  • Stargazer UV Glitter Shaker


    This Stargazer UV Glitter Shaker is fantastic for adding vibrant ultra violet colours to your make up style! This UV glitter shaker in white is fantastic for adding u...

  • Stargazer Neon Lip Stick


    This Stargazer Neon Lipstick is the perfect way to finish off your look with a flash of vivid colour! This lipstick in neon orange is perfect for adding a vibrant col...

  • Stargazer Eye Dust


    This Stargazer Eye Dust is perfect for vibrant colourful make up designs! This eye dust in azure is ideal for adding eye catching colours to your make designs and is ...

  • Stargazer Special Effect Paint


    This Stargazer Special Effect Paint is perfect for raves, clubs and fancy dress! This special effect paint in neon green is perfect for creating eye catching designs ...

  • Stargazer Neon Eye Dust


    This Stargazer Neon Eye Dust is perfect for clubbing and making your make up as vibrant as possible! This eye dust in neon pink is UV reactive and looks absolutely fa...

  • Stargazer UV Kohl Eye & Lip Pencil


    This Stargazer UV Kohl Eye and Lip Pencil is fantastic for adding colour details and looks fantastic! This UV blue kohl eye and lip pencil is perfect for creating int...

  • Stargazer Lip Stick


    This Stargazer Lipstick is guaranteed to finish off your make up designs perfect and make a real impact! This lipstick in crimson is a bold eye catching colour that i...

  • Stargazer Semi Permanent Tattoo Pen


    These Stargazer Semi Permanent Tattoo Pens are fantastic for long lasting but not permanent designs! These tattoo pens in blue are fantastic for designs that last a f...

  • Stargazer Kohl Eye & Lip Pencil


    This Stargazer Kohl Eye and Lip Pencil is fantastic for adding colour details and looks fantastic! This cerise kohl eye and lip pencil is perfect for creating interes...

  • Stargazer Glitter Pencil


    This Stargazer Glitter Pencil adds a fantastic coverage of glitter to your make up! This glitter pencil in silver is a fantastic way to add brilliant glitter details ...

  • Stargazer Hair Mascara


    This Stargazer Hair Mascara is a great way to add temporary vivid colours to your hair that looks fantastic! This hair mascara in UV blue is perfect for adding tempor...

  • Stargazer Nail Polish


    This Stargazer Nail Polish creates a fantastic finish and looks absolutely gorgeous! This purple nail polish is a fantastic colour and has a brilliant finish that wil...

  • Stargazer False Eyelashes


    These Stargazer False Eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch to any look! These multi coloured false eyelashes are instantly noticeable and are guaranteed to have ...

    From: £3.99
  • Stargazer Neon Gel Colour


    This Stargazer Neon Gel Colour is a must have if you want temporary vibrant colour flashes in your hair! This neon gel colour in yellow features a fantastic comb end ...

  • Stargazer Glitter Gel


    This Stargazer Glitter Gel is the perfect finishing touch to your make up! This fantastic yellow gel colour is perfect for adding a cute touch of glitter to your make...

  • Stargazer Neon Hair Chalk


    This Stargazer Hair Chalk is perfect for adding a flash of vibrant colour to your hair! This hair chalk in neon red is fantastic for adding a flash of vivid but tempo...

  • Stargazer Eye Shadow


    This Stargazer Eye Shadow is an essential part of your make up kit and is perfect for adding vibrant colour details! This eye shadow in emerald is perfect for adding ...

    From: £2.50
  • Stargazer White Liquid Foundation


    This Stargazer Liquid Foundation is the perfect base for all of your make up styles and designs! This white liquid foundation creates the perfect pale base for a wide...

  • Stargazer Semi Permanent Eye Liner


    These Stargazer Semi Permanent Eye Liner Pens are perfect for adding vibrant long lasting colour to your eyes! These fantastic eye liner pens in magenta are perfect f...

  • Stargazer Paper Lashes


    These Stargazer Paper Eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch to your outfit to ensure that you catch everyone’s eye! These unique and delicate skull shaped paper e...

  • Stargazer Glitter Lip Stick


    This Stargazer Glitter Lipstick is perfect for creating unusual and eye catching make up designs! This green glitter lipstick is perfect for quirky and unusual make u...

  • Stargazer Semi Permanent Lip Liner


    These Stargazer Semi Permanent Lip Liner Pens are perfect for adding long lasting colour to your make up styles! These fantastic lip liner pens in redwood are a fanta...