Vixxsin Crow Lace Panel Top

  • Square neckline
  • Short sleeves
  • Cut out shoulders
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Banned Apparel Waist Belts Size Chart

Belt Size Waist Uk Size EUR Size US Size
S 62cm 10 36 6
M 66cm 12 38 8
L 70cm 14 40 10

All sizes are 7.5cm wide and will stretch several centimetres bigger for 'in-between' waist sizes

Though many assume this bird to just be a harbinger of death, the crow is actually associated with much more, from a sign of change to a bringer of light, all the way to being a creature of magical nature. A murder of crows, however, is often associated with immediate demise, but hopefully wearing this fantastic Crow Lace Panel top from Vixxsin isn't anywhere near as unlucky as having the Corvus family flocking toward you! Depicting an assortment of various sized crows with black and white paint leaking from them, this top features short sleeves, a square neckline, cut out shoulders and a lace panel on the back of the neck.
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Care Instructions Machine wash at 30°C. Do not iron
Product Composition 100% polyester
Brand Vixxsin
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